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Flower City Park

English: Flower City Park, Portuguese: Jardim da Cidade das Flores, Traditional: 花城公園, Simplified: 花城公园

Flower City Park (Jardim da Cidade das Flores) is a small but quaint and beautiful public park located in the heart of Taipa’s residential area.

In this special destination, visitors will experience a modern version of a classic Chinese garden, complete with all the ubiquitous elements such as a lotus pond and pavilions.

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The park has numerous amenities that attract families, young children, and tourists throughout the year. Kids from neighbouring homes enjoy spending hours at the playground here, while older children appreciate being able to scoot and skate safely in the designated area. Meanwhile, the small exhibit area with aquatic animals is a source of wonder for all ages. However, the park’s major highlights are the Chinese pavilion and the pagoda.

While at Flower City Park, it’s hard not to admire the beautiful water lilies at the large lake. All these combined give it a genuinely oriental touch, yet you have all the modern conveniences of a city park, such as clean public toilets and outdoor fitness facilities. The paved paths around the park are also suitable for jogging or running. In addition, this venue is close to many Taipa attractions.

Don’t miss the Taipa Central Park, a world-class multi-purpose outdoor space. It’s a popular destination for locals and tourists who enjoy jogging and running. Two playgrounds at separate ends of the park provide ample space for children to play and run about safely. The massive swimming pool is always a huge draw, particularly during the hot summers. If it’s time to cool down from playing sports, you can relax in any cozy seated area.

Flower City Park and the nearby Taipa attractions are lovely choices for a laid-back afternoon.

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