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Friendship Square

English: Friendship Square, Portuguese: Praça da Amizade, Traditional: 友誼廣場

The Friendship Square, also known as Praça da Amizade, refers to a small public area in Macao right in front of the Hotel Sintra.

Here, you will find some park benches and a few trees; this area can get busy during certain special occasions, especially on holidays.

Friendship Square, Event Space, Seating, Shops, Amizade, Macau

This is a good spot where tourists and shoppers can rest for a few minutes while shopping in this district, as there are many popular shopping malls and boutiques in this area. Additionally, this location has many renowned tourist attractions that you can walk to.

From Friendship Square, you can check out the Avenida Panoramica Do Lago Nam Van and stroll by the lakeside paths. Don’t forget to check out the Nam Van Lake Nautical Centre, a lovely outdoor space developed primarily for hosting international water sports competitions. However, it also has several public amenities that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

The dragon boat races are a fascinating event if you happen to be here in June; they take place annually, and athletes also train here. In addition, many carnivals, cultural activities, and recreational shows occur here, the most famous of which is the Macao Light Festival yearly in December.

The stunning promenade is a great place to relax. There is no traffic here, and the entire area is kid-friendly too. If you are in the area by nightfall, the permanent installation called Floating Wonder is a must-see. It features a 30-meter floating light show that brings the surroundings to life with colour. The best time to experience it is during the sunset, when you may also come across locals, particularly the elderly, who frequent this area for afternoon exercises.

Friendship Square and its surroundings have something to offer all ages.

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