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General Ye Tings Former Residence

English: General Ye Tings Former Residence, Portuguese: Antiga Residência do General Ye Ting, Traditional: 葉挺將軍故居, Simplified: 叶挺将军故居

General Ye Ting’s former residence is a historic colonial mansion with two floors and occupies around 180 square metres.

It was once the home of the late military leader who was prominent for his pioneering work in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, as he lived in Macau.

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Because of his accomplishments in China’s modern history, the Macau Government has restored his home since 2006 and opened it to the public in 2014. However, it was built sometime during 1920 and served as the residence of Ye Ting and his family from 1932 to 1942. His family departed Macau in 1942, and the home was eventually used to host activities for various Chinese nationalist groups.

There are many fascinating architectural and historical aspects to discover at the General Ye Tings’ Former Residence. It has an eclectic colonial design, while pre-fabricated geometric features adorn the garden. Spend time in the tranquil garden with a fish pond and beautiful plants. Meanwhile, geometric motifs and a cornice accented the building’s facade.

The first and second floors of the house are home to exhibition rooms; on the ground floor, the Living Room and Introduction Hall show the original layout of Ye Ting’s home. On the second floor, you will find themed rooms containing valuable artefacts and displays that tell the story of Ye Ting’s life and his former home.

These exhibits are a treasure trove of historical information and cultural value. Aside from learning about the life of those who once lived here, you will also get a glimpse into how communities lived at the time and significant historical events relevant to General Ye Ting.

General Ye Ting’s former residence is located at Rua do Almirante Costa Cabral.

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