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Guia Hill Military Tunnels

English: Guia Hill Military Tunnels, Portuguese: Galerias Subterrâneas do Monte da Guia, Traditional: 松山軍用隧道, Simplified: 松山军用隧道

The Guia Hill Military Tunnels are one of the numerous historic attractions on Guia Hill.

There are three tunnels to visit here, though only the Complex A is open to visitors.

Guia Hill Military Tunnels, Underground Complex, Hours, Macau

Upon entering the tunnel, you’ll see that its sides are lined with photographs depicting life in early Macau, especially around the 1930’s. There are helpful plaques on the photos that provide historical information. Aside from that, you will encounter an ancient water tank, which was likely used as a water source by those who sought refuge in the tunnel during emergencies.

There are also military gear and clothing displays, cooking pots and pans, helmets, and others. Complex A is 52 meters long so visitors can see all the attractions in just a few minutes.

After visiting the Guia Hill Military Tunnels, visitors can access the other historical sites here, especially the fortress and the lighthouse on the summit of Guia Hill. As it’s the highest point in Macau, the views here are breathtaking. The fort was strategically placed here because it served as the primary observation post of town so that soldiers could easily spot who was entering the city and plan for protection as needed.

The fort is still well-maintained, and the area has several old military attractions. These include an ammunition cache, water cistern, barracks, storage area, the commander’s home, and the Our Lady of Guia Chapel. The entire complex is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Take the cable car heading up here to make the most of your visit. It’s the world’s smallest cable car, but it’s big regarding views.

If you love military history, visiting the Guia Hills Military Tunnels and its nearby attractions is highly recommended.

What is the Guia Hill Military Tunnels address?
Guia Fortress, Estrada do Engenheiro Trigo, Macau, Macau

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