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H853 Outdoor Event Space

H853 Outdoor Event Space

English: H853 Outdoor Event Space, Traditional: H853 戶外活動空間, Simplified: H853 户外活动空间

The H853 Outdoor Event Space is the first high-end outdoor shopping and activity destination in Cotai.

At 20,000 square meters in size, this venue is perfect for a wide range of outdoor activities such as concerts, carnivals, bazaars, flea markets, workshops, and much more.

H853 Outdoor Event Space, Events, Activity Venue, Lisboeta Macau

The space is also flanked by several shops, entertainment options, and restaurants. It provides a well-rounded, family-friendly experience for everyone, pets included! After all, the primary goal of launching this venue is to create a space that highlights fun activities for all ages. This destination is just one of several fun-filled activities you and the family can enjoy at the Lisboeta.

After checking out the event space, spend time checking out the other attractions. Experience an upscale cinematic treat when watching a movie at Emperor Cinemas, which boasts some of Asia’s biggest screens and cinematic technology.

For the brave and adventurous, a chance to try GoAirborne should not be missed; this is the first indoor skydiving establishment in the country. Even kids as young as four can experience what it’s like to skydive indoors in the safety of a weather-controlled and air-conditioned facility.

ZipCity is another popular attraction here. It’s the first urban zipline attraction in the Asia Pacific, and unforgettable moments await you as you try ziplining on a 388-meter-long line. The journey starts at the top of the 60-meter high Retro Zone and takes you flying through Cotai, reaching speeds of 55 km/hour. There are daytime and night-time rides available, though it must be said that the evening rides are truly breathtaking as you get to see the sparkling lights of Cotai underneath.

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