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Hac Sa Beach

English: Hac Sa Beach, Portuguese: Praia de Hác Sá, Traditional: 黑沙海灘, Simplified: 黑沙海滩

Hac Sa Beach is among Macau’s most famous beach destinations.

While the country is not renowned for beaches, this beautiful destination allows you to enjoy fresh air, calm waters, and relaxation.

Hac Sa Beach, Black Sand, Facilities, Swimming, Map, Coloane, Macau

This beach in Coloane has black sand, but despite that, it has always been a favourite getaway. You can do many fun recreational activities from here: swimming, sunbathing, picnicking, walking along the beach, hiking the nearby trails, and eating at the beachfront restaurants.

The coastline is long and scenic, and some basic tourist amenities include changing rooms, an outdoor shower, a toilet, picnic tables, and barbecue pits.

Hac Sa Beach can get busy on the weekends, though on the weekdays, you can be almost sure you will have the beach to yourself. It can get too cold to swim in the winter, but visitors are still free to come and enjoy the surroundings. It’s also good to know that there is a swimming pool that the public can use from May through October; it’s located near the beach, too.

For those who want to make the most out of their time in Coloane while here, you can also visit the Hac Sa Sports and Recreational Park near the beach. This park has several sports and recreational amenities, including a golf course, swimming pool, tennis courts, and many other facilities.

Additionally, the Reservoir Country Park is a quick walk away; this is where you can hire a pedal boat for a few minutes or take a leisurely stroll on the reservoir perimeter. The country park is a great place to take the whole family because there is always something for everyone.

Hac Sa Beach and its nearby amenities are the ideal escape from city life in Macau.

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