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Hac Sa Park

English: Hac Sa Park, Portuguese: Parque de Hác-Sá, Traditional: 黑沙公園和黑沙海灘休憩區, Simplified: 黑沙公园和黑沙海滩休憩区

Hac Sa Park is a scenic seaside park on Coloane Island.

If you are looking for a beach destination with numerous choices for staying active, this is an excellent destination.

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Its name is Cantonese for ‘black sand’ since that was the original colour of the beach. The sand has unfortunately started to disappear through the years because of erosion, so the beach has been refilled using yellow sand. Today, the sandy shores are a combination of black and yellow.

The curved beach is vast, with lots of space for visitors to sunbathe and enjoy the outdoors. The park has several sports amenities, including tennis courts, a kids’ playground, swimming pools, table tennis, and bathrooms.

Hac Sa Park is close to many famous tourist attractions in Coloane. Aside from the beach, several great restaurants and food stalls can be found on one side. This makes it easy for the whole family to dine out while you all enjoy sea views. The area is especially popular during the summer and holidays, so visit early to get a good spot.

While in Coloane, you can visit the other tourist sights; don’t miss the iconic A-Ma Statue and Cultural Village, established in 1998 to pay homage to the goddess A-Ma. From here, you can see the coastline and breathtaking landscapes.

The Chapel of St Francis Xavier is a major highlight here. Its image is seen in many postcards with its famous striking mustard facade; the chapel was built in 1928 to pay tribute to the famous missionary. There is a room on the right side of the chapel where you can see a fascinating painting featuring Kum Lam.

Hac Sa Park and the nearby attractions make this an idyllic day trip.

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