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Hong Kung Market

Hong Kung Night Market

English: Hong Kung Night Market, Traditional: 康公夜市, Simplified: 康公夜市

The Hong Kung Night Market is one of the country’s iconic culinary attractions.

If you love strolling through street markets where you can use all your senses to try the local food, this market is highly recommended.

Hong Kung Night Market, Street Food, Opening Hours, Macau

Dozens of stalls and booths pop up every Saturday and Sunday evening at the Largo do Pagode do Bazar Square in Macau. While they mostly specialise in the most delicious array of street food, several attractions are also designed for the whole family. These include interactive games and carnival attractions for kids while the parents walk around, shop, and try the delicious food. It’s the perfect way to spend a weekend night!

Regarding food, there’s so much to try at the Hong Kung Night Market. You can try local seafood, dumplings, traditional Macanese cuisine, savoury fare, snacks, drinks, and desserts. Some booths also sell alcoholic beverages such as locally brewed beer. These can be enjoyed at any of the tables provided for patrons, but you can also dine away in the nearby square across the temple. This night market is one of many that you can visit in the country.

Another famous attraction is the historic Red Market, located in a colonial red brick structure. This is a great place to try the local flavours of Macau, as each floor of the building sells a variety of wet and dry goods as well as bargains and snacks.

Food Street at Broadway Macau is also well-loved among visitors and locals alike. It was designed to mimic the traditional hawker-style markets, with more than 40 stalls to choose from. Here, you can find the famous egg tarts, dim sum from Michelin-starred restaurant Tim Ho Wan, and many more.

The Hong Kung Night Market and these other culinary experiences are a must-do for foodies.

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