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Hong Kung Temple Square

English: Hong Kung Temple Square, Portuguese: Largo do Pagode do Bazar, Traditional: 康公廟前地, Simplified: 康公庙前地

The Hong Kung Temple Square is a small public square located at the Rua de Cinco de Outubro and Rua do Guimarces in Macau.

Historically, it was a busy square with a flurry of activity, but it has transformed into a quiet spot in the city where visitors can relax.

Hong Kung Temple Square, History, Landmarks, Coloane, Macau

The square is where the Hong Kung Temple is a minor yet ancient temple built in 1860. It is dedicated to a variety of Taoist and Buddhist deities. Many visitors who come back again and again find this temple unique because, unlike the many major temples in Macau, this one tends to be far less busy and almost empty most days. Inside, it has the usual features of a temple, including a beautiful shrine, hanging incense coils, and a tranquil atmosphere.

The Hong Kung Temple Square is a few blocks away from lovely tourist sites you should visit here. One is the Praca de Ponte e Horta, a stunning recreational plaza in the interior harbour. It was significant during the reigns of Emperor Kangxi and Emperor Tongzhi since it was a pier where the opium trade operated. It’s also interesting to note that it was the exact location for the wharf used for the first duty-levy zone for the tobacco trade.

The area surrounding the Praca de Ponte e Horta is filled with impressive graffiti work by talented local artists and some international graffiti artists who have left their mark here. A Street Art Festival has even been organised to recognise this beautiful street art. They are great places to stop by when you’re walking around and make for incredible photos.

Hong Kung Temple Square and its surroundings are filled with history and culture.

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