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Ka Ho Height Barbecue Park

English: Ka Ho Height Barbecue Park, Portuguese: Parque de Merendas do Altinho de Ká Hó, Traditional: 九澳高頂燒烤公園, Simplified: 九澳高顶烧烤公园

The Ka Ho Height Barbecue Park is a popular picnic and outdoor recreation spot in Coloane Village.

The grounds are 1,115 square meters large, with ample facilities for families and groups of friends to gather and relax.

Ka Ho Height Barbecue Park, Trails, Seating, Coloane, Macau

The park was established in 1996 and has become a community favourite. The amenities here include bathrooms, benches, tables, and barbecue stoves that the public can use. There is also some play equipment and a stone footpath used by runners and joggers.

Behind the park, a small garden leads you to the Ká Hó Height Family Trail, a scenic hiking trail that takes you to the Hac Sa Reservoir and can also lead to the Coloane Hiking Trail.

The late afternoons are the best time to visit the Ka Ho Height Barbecue Park, as it can get quite hot during the late mornings, especially in the summer. However, if you are here during the winter, it’s a lovely place to relax outdoors any time of day.

From here, you can head to Hac Sa Park, an oceanside recreational destination where visitors can relax by the sea. This is another quiet area where visitors can enjoy the sumptuous food from the stalls, lay on the sand, and explore the facilities such as kids’ playgrounds.

If you have a car or access to public transportation, you can head further out the coast to see Cheoc Van Beach. It’s easily the most stunning beach in Macau and a great place to soak up the sun after swimming in warm waters. Cheoc Van Beach is also where you will find a public swimming pool and many great outdoor restaurants with ocean views.

All these and more await you when you visit Ka Ho Height Barbecue Park and its surroundings.

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