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Ka Ho High Viewing Platform

English: Ka Ho High Viewing Platform, Portuguese: Miradouro do Altinho de Ka Ho, Traditional: 九澳高頂眺望台

The Ka Ho High Viewing Platform (Miradouro do Altinho de Ka Ho) provides travellers with excellent outdoor activity in Macau.

This is a wonderful alternative to visiting all the glamorous shops and luxury casino resorts.

Ka Ho High Viewing Platform, Viewpoint, Seating, Coloane, Macau

Also known as Miradouro do Altinho de Ka Ho, it’s accessible through the family trail established in 1996. It features a 1,490-meter-long trail on top of a hill situated on Coloane Island. The entrance is in the barbecue park, where you can begin your journey amidst the lush foliage and enjoy the cool breeze. Thanks to the many barbecues, this area is a well-loved picnic spot, so you only need to bring food you can cook.

The Ka Ho High Viewing Platform requires some hiking on an uphill path, and once you get to the viewpoint, you can see Coloane’s water treatment plan, the golf course, and the stunning Hac Sa Reservoir. Hikers are advised to wear the appropriate hiking shoes for their safety and comfort in exploring the trail and viewpoints. The summit is at Hehuan Peak, which stands 138 meters above sea level. There’s no need to be an advanced hiker here since the slopes are relatively gentle, though it’s best to be of moderate fitness.

If you are up for more scenic adventures, the Coloane North-East Hiking Trail Network is recommended. It has three unique trails spanning a length of 4,290 meters. These trails are the Coloane North-East Hiking Trail, The Golf Course Walk, and the Acacia Woods Walk. Each of these will take you to picturesque destinations, and you will surely enjoy the fantastic views below.

The Ka Ho High Viewing Platform and Coloane’s other trails are recommended for those seeking fun outdoor activities in Macau.

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