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Lin Fung Temple

English: Lin Fung Temple, Portuguese: Templo de Lin Fong, Traditional: 蓮峯廟, Simplified: 莲峯庙

The Lin Fung Temple is a beautifully restored 16th-century Buddhist temple in Macau.

The temple was built in 1592, the 20th year of Ming Emperor Shenzong.

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In its early days, the temple served as a business office and a residence of some officials. However, it has undergone several reconstructions to make it larger than when it was officially built. Throughout history, the temple has hosted mandarins travelling from Guangdong province, though Commissioner Lin Zexu was the most popular. He was responsible for helping to eradicate the opium trade, and there is even a statue of him in the courtyard.

Also known as the Tianfei Temple, the Lin Fung Temple houses several palaces. The Tianhou Palace, which is at the centre, is where worshippers pray to the Heavenly Queen. On the left is the Emperor Wu Palace, while on the right is the Rensho Palace. Other palaces within it include the Shennong Palace, Yiling Palace, Doumu Palace, and the Juyong Palace.

People who worship different gods can come here because many are revered all in the same temple, including Buddha and Guan Gong; it is one of the many excellent examples of the cultural tolerance of Macau.

Visitors can relax in the square facing the temple, flanked by majestic ancient trees. A small ornamental garden is found behind it. From the temple, you can also check out the nearby Mong Ha Municipal Park, where the major highlight is the Roman-style square and artificial pond. Explore the park on foot by going on the various paths that will take you to activity areas.

Other points of interest in the park include the kids’ playground, Mong Ha Eco-Centre, and the Mong Ha Fort.

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