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Lin Kai Temple

English: Lin Kai Temple, Portuguese: Templo de Lin Kai, Traditional: 蓮溪廟, Simplified: 莲溪庙

Lin Kai Temple is an ancient temple built in 1830.

It’s one of the biggest temples in Macau, as there are nine chambers inside it, and there are 15 gods who are venerated here.

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The temple’s façade has granite carvings and ornate Chinese lions. When the temple was originally built, it was dedicated to Pak Tai, but Ua-Kuong, the God of the North, was also prayed to here. However, the other gods who are now worshipped here include Kun Iam, the Goddess of Mercy; Va Kuong, the God of Fire; Tai Sui, the God who presides over the year; Kuan Tai, the God of War and Wealth, and 18 Lohans, or goddesses with children.

The Lin Kai Temple has five shrines, each located by one another. The central prayer hall is dedicated to the God of Wealth and the Supreme Lord of the Mystical Heaven, while two are consecrated to the Tang Tripitaka Master and Supreme Lord Va Kong. There are others that were made for worshipping the Golden Flower Lady and the Goddess of Mercy. The entire temple complex is interesting to explore since it has many of the usual features of a 19th-century Chinese temple.

Afterwards, you can visit the San Kio Garden, only a few minutes away. The entrance to this small but beautiful garden is through vibrant Chinese gates, which you can easily see from the street. Inside, some small tables are typically filled with locals who are sipping tea and chatting. There are caged birds amongst the bonsai trees and red lanterns.

Since this area is closely located to popular landmarks, it’s a great place to stop for a few minutes and observe the local life.

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