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Lord Stows Bakery

English: Lord Stows Bakery, Traditional: 澳門安德魯餅店

Lord Stows Bakery in Coloane Village is a historic food shop.

It was established by Andrew Stow, who opened it in September 1989. It was well-received by both locals and tourists alike since, prior to that, eating bread had not yet been popular in Macau.

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Andrew’s vision for the bakery was to introduce European food, focusing on traditional Portuguese delicacies. He was inspired by the delicious egg tart, commonly known as the Pasteis de Nata, when he travelled to Portugal during the 1980s. However, he didn’t have any background in cooking or baking; instead, he worked in pharmaceuticals. So he worked on some recipes and created the unique egg tart that we know and love today but with an English twist.

It didn’t take long for Lord Stows Bakery to be renowned for its highly coveted egg tart, and eventually, food journalists began writing about it. The egg tart was famous in Asia and has gained a loyal following, even becoming a trademark of Macau. It’s one of the foods you must eat when visiting the country. In fact, egg tarts became so popular that people began queuing outside the shop to get a taste. Though Andrew has already passed away, the shop is run by his family.

Even though there are lines outside the shop on most days, don’t worry since they move quickly as customers grab and go to enjoy the food along the stunning waterfront promenade of Coloane.

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