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Lotus Square

English: Lotus Square, Portuguese: Praça Flor de Lótus, Traditional: 金蓮花廣場, Simplified: 金莲花广场

Lotus Square is a popular landmark in Macau featuring a 6-meter large sculpture of a lotus in bloom, made out of gilded bronze.

It can be accessed from any of the three main streets in this zone.

Lotus Square, Bronze Sculpture, Full Bloom, Height, Weight, Macau

The sculpture was unveiled in 1999 to celebrate the sovereignty of Macau. Upon closer inspection, you will find that there are actually two golden lotuses, with the larger one weighing 6.5 tons. The big flower has 16 components, including a pistil, petals, and stem, while the flower base is red granite. Three layers in the base are shaped like lotus leaves, signifying the three major areas of the Macau territory: the Macau Peninsula, Taipa Island, and Coloane Island.

The bloom of the flower in Lotus Square is a symbol of Macau’s everlasting prosperity. Each morning, there is a flag-raising ceremony that takes place at 8am. Meanwhile, the flag-lowering ceremony occurs at 8pm.

From here, you can visit the nearby Macau Wine Museum, beside another popular tourist attraction, the Grand Prix Museum. The wine museum is a terrific place to learn about the different types of Portuguese wines by origin, and they have a tasting station.

The Grand Prix Museum is also worth visiting, especially if you are fascinated by races and motorsports. The museum houses an impressive collection of motorcycles and cars spanning many decades. You’ll also learn about many notable riders, drivers, and people who have impacted history since 1954. Guided tours are available in English, Portuguese, Mandarin, and Cantonese. The tours last 45 minutes, and you’ll be sure to leave with a whole new appreciation of motorsports.

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