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Macau Government Headquarters

English: Macau Government Headquarters, Portuguese: Sede do Governo da Região Administrativa Especial de Macau da República Popular da China, Traditional: 澳門特別行政區政府總部, Simplified: 澳门特别行政区政府总部

The Macau Sar Government Headquarters is a stunning historic property that was built in an elegant colonial style back in 1849.

Though it’s closed most of the year except for a few days of the year, this amazing place is worth visiting even if you can only admire it from outside.

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The property has a neo-classical design with a light pink facade including white trims. It also has amazing manicured gardens on the West. History and architecture fans will appreciate spending even a few minutes here. Before it was converted into the headquarters, the building served as the Palace of Cercal since it was the residence of the Viscount of Cercal.

The property was sold at an 1881 auction, during which the Portuguese government of Macau purchased it. Afterwards, it served as the governor’s office from 1884 onwards. By December 1999, there was a flag lowering ceremony that took place, which marked the start of the handover of Macau to China. Ever since, it was converted into the Macau Sar Government Headquarters.

One of the best times to visit when it’s open is during Chinese New Year. It’s also when a fun dragon parade stops by the house for some time.

From here, visitors can discover other heritage attractions, including the Mandarin’s House nearby. This large and spacious residential complex has a deep and rich history. It was once the family home for Zheng Guanying, a Qing theoretician who was also a reformist.

Other popular landmarks in the area include the Macao Contemporary Art Centre – Navy Yard, Teatro Dom Pedro V, Nam Van Lake, and the Sao Francisco Garden.

The Macau Sar Government Headquarters is located at the Avenida da Praia Grande, facing the Nam Van Lake.

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