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Macau Jockey Club

English: Macau Jockey Club, Traditional: 澳門賽馬會, Simplified: 澳门赛马会

The Macau Jockey Club is a renowned organisation offering horse racing and betting.

Formerly known as the Macau Trotting Club, it transformed in 1989 after a change of ownership and a focus on flat racing.

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Horse racing enthusiasts will enjoy a visit to the club, especially during a race. The official racing season begins in September and lasts throughout the year until the end of August, with two race meetings taking place each week.

The race format follows a clockwise direction, though short, middle, and long-distance races are the most common distances. Professional Stipendiary Stewards oversee each race, recording it with video cameras in various locations around the track.

The Macau Jockey Club is home to world-class facilities. Some 400 training horses are based here, many of which come from other countries, including New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, England, France, Japan, and the United States. The club’s members own these horses. In addition, the clubhouse has 14 air-conditioned blocks with 1,183 stalls.

Other horse and stable facilities include an air-conditioned spelling stable, a stable for retired horses, and an equine swimming pool. There are full-time vets on-site at all times; they manage the Equine Hospital to treat and care for the horses professionally.

Meanwhile, the Racing Complex features a 5-storey building that comfortably accommodates 3,000 spectators. The racecourse has been designed with an oval shape, and the length of the turf is 370 meters, while it is 320 meters on sand. The Grandstand is four storeys high and can accommodate 15,000 spectators.

Throughout the years, the club organisation and members have contributed to society by helping raise funds for charity and scholarships.

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What is the Macau Jockey Club address?
Estrada Governador Albano De Oliveira, Taipa, Macau

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