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Margarets Cafe E Nata

English: Margarets Cafe E Nata, Traditional: 瑪嘉烈蛋撻店

Margarets Cafe E Nata is one of Macau’s most famous eateries.

A visit to the country would not be complete without stopping by for their authentic Portuguese egg tarts that oftentimes attract lines of people.

Margarets Cafe E Nata, Egg Tarts, Hours, Photos, Prices, Macau

After all, the egg tart is an iconic dessert locally. This sweet pastry has roots in China and Portugal; it’s creamy, flaky, and just irresistibly delicious. It’s also quite interesting that the restaurant was founded by Margaret Wong, whose late ex-husband, Andrew Stow, was responsible for establishing the famous food chain Lord Stow’s back in 1989 – also renowned for their egg tarts. However, Margaret’s eatery was founded in 1992, and she runs it all alone.

Today, Margarets Cafe E Nata sells thousands of egg tarts daily. In addition, the menu has other delicious foods such as croissants, cakes, and brownies. Savoury light snacks, including sandwiches and salads, are served as well.

The cafe itself has a laid-back atmosphere when it isn’t too packed with visitors waiting for their turn to try the egg tarts, so it’s always recommended to come in early during the weekdays and avoid the weekends unless you’re coming for a takeaway.

The restaurant is located conveniently in a part of the city surrounded by many tourist attractions. This makes it easy to grab a bite between all that walking and sightseeing. Some famous landmarks nearby include the Grand Lisboa, Hotel Metropole, Cineteatro de Macau, Hotel Beverly Plaza, and many more.

Be sure to grab a box or two, especially if the lines are long!

What is the Margarets Cafe E Nata address?
Kam Loi Building,
17B Rua do Comandante Mata e Oliveira, Macau, Macau

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