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MGM Art Discovery

English: MGM Art Discovery, Traditional: 探索美高梅藝術, Simplified: 探索美高梅艺术

MGM Art Discovery is one of the many major highlights available at the MGM Macau.

The best way to explore this innovative art attraction is by strolling around the resort to spot the many artistic masterpieces around.

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There is also the option of booking a guided art tour to better learn about each piece in the immersive exhibit.

Many multi-sensory art pieces await you here, all of which have been strategically placed around the hotel in zones. The masterpieces have been created by some of the world’s biggest names in art, including Salvador Dali, Dale Chihuly, and Jason Gamrath.

It’s easy to say that most people feel a sense of awe, inspiration, and wonder whenever visiting the MGM Art Discovery. Right behind the hotel’s primary reception area, you can find the Fiori di Paradiso Drawing Wall, which is made of 42 glass canvasses with original drawings that Dale Chihuly has painted. A customised state-of-the-art lighting system has been included to highlight the paintings while bringing them to life thanks to the bright illuminations.

Look up to see the ceiling, which showcases the Fiori di Paradiso hand-blow glass flowers, created especially by the artist for the hotel back in 2007.

Then, in the hotel lobby, you can witness the Dalinian Dancer, a spectacular work of art reflecting Salvador Dali’s fascination with dance – particularly flamenco.

In the main entrance, you can find Alice in Wonderland, also made by Dali. The artist, just like the fairy-tale star, has travelled and been through much in life, which is reflected in the sculpture of Alice with a jump rope. The twisted cord was designed to represent everyday life.

These and so much more await the art curious at MGM Art Discovery.

What is the MGM Art Discovery address?
MGM Macau,
Avenida Dr. Sun Yat Sen, Macau, Macau

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