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Mong Ha Hill Municipal Park

English: Mong Ha Hill Municipal Park, Portuguese: Parque Municipal da Colina de Mong Há, Traditional: 望廈山市政公園

The Mong Ha Hill Municipal Park (Parque Municipal Mong-Há) is a scenic attraction located in north Macau.

As it’s further from the city centre and away from the busy casino strip, visitors seeking peace and quiet often come here.

Mong Ha Hill Municipal Park, Map, Fountain, Playground, Macau

The park was established in the 1990s, though many old military facilities can still be found around the grass. By the entrance, there is a Roman fountain square and an artificial pond, and from here, you can take one of the many footpaths surrounding it that lead to different scenic spots.

Aside from relaxation, many also frequent this area because of the trails located west, leading you to stunning areas filled with native trees and a viewing platform.

A major highlight at the Mong Ha Hill Municipal Park is definitely the viewing platform, so be sure to make time for it. You can soak up city views from here while enjoying a snack at one of the pavilions located by the trail.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can head further up the park to the Mong Ha Fort, a historic landmark that was once an important military outpost that helped to protect Macau from attackers. Other features of the park include a natural rock cave and a kids’ playground.

If you’d like to sightsee more while in this area, don’t miss out on the Lin Fung Temple. This ancient Buddhist temple was built in the 16th century. A visit will make you feel like you stepped back as you walk into the temple and explore the praying rooms. A main prayer hall was built in honour of the Goddess of Mercy, Kun Iam.

All these and more make for a fun day trip out in Macau.

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