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Montanha Russa Park

English: Montanha Russa Park, Portuguese: Jardim da Montanha Russa, Traditional: 螺絲山公園, Simplified: 螺丝山公园

The Montanha Russa Park (Jardim da Montanha Russa) is a spacious public park and hilly garden.

This is a beautiful area to explore on your way to the Kun Iam Temple, located north of Macau.

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The garden has some footpaths that make it easy to take strolls around the park. There are also some amenities, including exercise equipment for the elderly and a small playground for kids.

This site is also historically significant as it was where the Treaty of Mong-Ha was signed on July 3, 1844, between the United States and China, on a stone table that can still be found in the park today. The Treaty of Mong-Ha includes 34 articles stating that the Americans could have the same foreign affairs and trade treatment China gave Britain.

The Montanha Russa Park provides a nice, restful break from the busy city. Most people who visit it are on their way to the Kun Iam Temple, one of the ancient places of worship in the country. It was built in the 13th century, though the present foundations were established in 1627. This temple was constructed to honour the Chinese Buddhist deity, Kun Iam, though other deities are also worshipped here, including Gautama Buddha. Within the temple, there are numerous stunning features, such as a centuries-old bell, porcelain figurines, and intricate decor.

There are some beautiful tourist attractions that you can also see within the vicinity. One is the Jardim da Flora, also known as the Flora Garden. Featuring vivid flowers of all kinds, you can explore the garden with a self-walking tour. It was designed with European garden designs in mind and is located by Guia Hill, another popular attraction.

The Montanha Russa Park is one of many lovely sights to see in this part of Macau.

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