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Monument Garden

English: Monument Garden, Portuguese: Jardim do Monumento, Traditional: 紀念碑花園, Simplified: 纪念碑花园

The Monument Garden (Jardim do Monumento), built in 1991, is a small hillside garden at the Avenida dos Jardins do Oceano in Taipa, atop the Taipa Fortress.

This is highly recommended if you are in the area and looking for a quiet and historic place to check out.

Monument Garden, Frigate Dona Maria II Tribute, Taipa, Macau

The garden features a monument established to pay tribute to the October 29, 1850 explosion of the Portuguese battleship, Frigata D. Maria II. It was a tragic incident that took the lives of hundreds of seamen and soldiers.

For many years after, officials continued to visit the monument to mourn the victims. The garden was added many decades later, giving visitors a great place to relax after visiting the monument.

After visiting the Monument Garden, don’t forget to pass by the Taipa Fortress. It was constructed in 1846 to assist in defending Macau from pirates. Eventually, it was converted into a residence serving the Governor of Macau. By 1975, it was converted into the Island’s Police Station. Today, the fortress is the headquarters for the Macau Scouting Association.

It has retained many of its historical features, including the small cannons found in the main entrance and around the fortress perimeter. Other historical highlights include the sentry, ammunition warehouse, and barracks.

Aside from these, Taipa Island is rich in many attractions that visitors can visit over a day or two. The Museum of Taipa and Coloane is highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn about the unique history of these destinations. The Taipa Houses Museum is a must-visit, an iconic attraction featuring its famous lime-green facade and colonial-style design.

Additionally, exploring Taipa Village, the Four-Faced Buddha Shrine, and the Pou Tai Temple are great ideas.

Monument Garden and the rest of Taipa have so much to offer.

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