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Moon Jelly Aquarium

English: Moon Jelly Aquarium, Traditional: 萬利大樓大堂, Simplified: 万利大楼大堂

The Moon Jelly Aquarium is one of the major attractions within the Wynn Macau.

This unique aquarium can be found behind the registration desk in the Encore Tower’s lobby, featuring a massive 11,000-litre tank housing an incredible population of moon jellyfish.

Moon Jelly Aquarium, Jellyfish Tank, Encore Lobby, Wynn Macau

As one of the biggest jellyfish aquariums in the world, this is truly a sight to behold as the creatures emit light and move about gracefully. It’s difficult not to be mesmerised by these amazing creatures and all their glowing glory. These jellyfish were sourced from Japan and Taiwan, and now have a home at the large aquarium where their welfare is ensured by the professional aquarists on site.

You may be interested to know that they have a specified rest period daily, and the aquarists also manage a breeding program.

The Moon Jelly Aquarium is a wonderful place to get a glimpse of the moon jellies, which can be found in oceans all over the world. They are normally the size of a dinner plate and can be easily identified through the four circles that are found on its translucent white bell. The four circles are actually their reproductive organs, typically purple in colour.

Moon jellyfish also have short tentacles, which are incredibly delicate; they hang from the bell’s sides. In the wild, they can often be spotted floating just underneath the water’s surface. But with this aquarium at the Wynn, there’s no need to snorkel or dive to see them.

It’s not uncommon to see visitors flock to the lobby to admire its beauty. Whether you are staying in this hotel or not, it’s worth going to the lobby to check it out.

The Moon Jelly Aquarium is a fantastic attraction for both kids and adults.

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