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Mount Fortress

English: Mount Fortress, Portuguese: Fortaleza Do Monte, Traditional: 大砲台, Simplified: 大炮台

The Mount Fortress (Fortaleza Do Monte) in Macau is one of the oldest forts in all of China.

Also known as the Fortaleza Do Monte, this 8,000-square-meter large heritage site has a long and rich history.

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It began in 1616AD when it was originally constructed to help protect the St. Paul’s Cathedral clergy from pirates. Eventually, it was converted into military facilities. It has been instrumental in defending Macau from invaders and pirates. Visitors today can still see the ancient cannons that helped fight off the 1622 Dutch invasion.

There was also a time in history when the Governor General took residence here, but in 1835, it was destroyed by a fire. Its remains are known today as the Ruins of St. Paul.

The open spaces in which the Mount Fortress is built are lovely for walking around and admiring the ancient trees. From here, one can take in the views of St. Paul’s Cathedral and the panoramic vistas of the city.

There are other sights to explore here, such as the old European structure, which once functioned as a barrack and was eventually converted into an observatory for the Meteorological Department of Portuguese Macau for a few decades. Meanwhile, the Macao Museum was completed in 1998, and here visitors can learn more about the wars and how they impacted Macau.

The museum is rich in displays and exhibits where you can learn about the merging of Chinese and Western cultures through the centuries and the role they played in developing modern China. Kids and adults will be able to learn through the incredible collections how many communities from near and far once lived in Macau.

The Mount Fortress and nearby sights are a valuable educational experience.

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Fortress and Gardens
Mon - Sun: 7pm - 7pm

Macao Museum
Tue - Sun: 10am - 6pm (No admission after 5:30pm)
Closed on Mondays

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