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Nam Van Lake Nautical Centre

English: Nam Van Lake Nautical Centre, Portuguese: Centro Náutico da Praia Grande, Traditional: 南灣湖水上活動中心

The Nam Van Lake Nautical Centre (Centro Nautico da Praia Grande) is a man-made lake that doubles as an outdoor public space for rowing tournaments and dragon boat racing.

Also known as Centro Nautico da Praia Grande, this venue was established for international water sports competitions but also houses some onshore facilities.

Nam Van Lake Nautical Centre, Public Outdoor Space, Macau

The dragon boat races occur every June and are truly a sight to behold. The crowds cheer, and there is palpable energy in the air as professional dragon boat racers row their way to the finish line.

Throughout the year, the facilities also host training for various water sports. Onshore, the facilities have become a top venue for carnivals, cultural shows, and recreational activities. Another popular event that occurs here is the Macao Light Festival, which takes place every December.

The Nam Van Lake Nautical Centre features a permanent installation called Floating Wonder, a breathtaking 30-meter-long projection of floating lights that make the waters come alive every evening. It transforms the lake into a stunning destination, especially after the sunset, so if you’re looking for a scenic place for night-time strolls or runs in Macau, this place is highly recommended.

While here, explore the rest that the tranquil lakeside area has to offer. Located in the southern part of the Macau Peninsula, the lake is home to four man-made islands. If you are visiting with kids, don’t forget to check out the swan pedal boats for a relaxed al fresco adventure.

There are also several creative shops by the waterfront, daily performances, and exhibits. Visitors are invited to unwind with a view at any of the lakefront coffee shops, which offer European delicacies and delicious coffee.

The Nam Van Lake Nautical Centre is a stunning place to visit any time of the year.

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