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Octagonal Pavilion Library

English: Octagonal Pavilion Library, Portuguese: Biblioteca Publica da Associacao Comercial de Macau, Traditional: 八角亭圖書館, Simplified: 八角亭图书馆

The Octagonal Pavilion Library is a small but unique attraction located in front of the historic S Francisco Garden in Macau.

Designed entirely in Chinese style, the pavilion features a two-tiered roof with green ceramic tiles and bright red wooden windows.

Octagonal Pavilion Library, History, Hours, Newspaper & Book Reading, Macau

The pavilion was built in 1927 by Chan Kun Pui, a Chinese architect. It was once a billiard room and restaurant, until Mr. Ho Yin, the Macau Commerce Chamber Vice Chairman, bought it in 1947 to convert it into a Newspaper and Book Reading Room for the Chamber. Today, it is renowned for being the first public library in the country, and one of the best places to go for Chinese books.

The Octagonal Pavilion Library is just 1,130 square feet in size, easily among the world’s smallest libraries. But don’t let its size fool you: it has made a significant contribution to the community, and it also makes for a wonderful learning experience for bibliophiles because it uses the Three People’s Principles for classification as well as its other notable features.

Many locals and visitors still frequent the library today as it’s a popular reading place, while the tranquil surrounding gardens provide a relaxing ambience for getting lost in a book.

While here, spend time exploring the S. Francisco Garden, Macau’s oldest public garden. Its history spans centuries, but these days, it has become a well-loved park that is frequented by the community. There are many ancient trees scattered around the grounds, many of which are majestic, to say the least and add to its charming ambiance.

There is a staircase within the garden that takes you to the Rua Nova a Guia; other features found here include a fountain, a kids’ playground, and a round tower that was established to pay tribute to Portuguese soldiers who passed away during the First World War.

The Octagonal Pavilion Library is a historic destination that shouldn’t be missed.

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