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Old Protestant Cemetery

English: Old Protestant Cemetery, Portuguese: Cemitério Protestante, Traditional: 基督教墳場, Simplified: 基督教坟场

The Old Protestant Cemetery is a historic resting spot established in 1821 by the British East India Company.

Because there was a dearth of burial sites dedicated to Protestants in Macau at the time, building the cemetery was deemed necessary.

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Some notable people buried here include artist George Chinnery, Royal Navy captains Henry John Spencer-Churchill Humphrey Fleming Senhouse, missionaries Samuel Dyer and Robert Morrison, and US Naval Lieutenant Joseph Harrod Adams, among others.

By 2005, the cemetery was enlisted as among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Historic Center of Macau, making it a must-visit for history and wartime enthusiasts.

The Old Protestant Cemetery is located by the Luis de Camoes Garden, so while you’re here, you can also explore this famous attraction. It’s one of the most popular public parks in the country, and its history dates back to the middle of the 18th century. The British East India Company leased it for some time when they used it as their Macau office, though it changed hands as the years passed. It was eventually acquired by Lourenco Caetano Marques, who was fond of the Portuguese poet, Luis de Camoes.

Because of this, a bronze bust statue of the poet was installed in a grotto within the park. The sculpture was created by Manuel Maria Bordalo Pinheiro in 1866. By 1885, the Macau government purchased the park, which converted it into a public park. There is also a spacious kids’ playground where children can play here, so this attraction surely has something for everyone to enjoy. It makes for an excellent afternoon of fun and learning for all ages.

Don’t forget to drop by the Old Protestant Cemetery while visiting Macau’s historic attractions.

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