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Our Lady of Fatima Church

English: Our Lady of Fatima Church, Portuguese: Igreja de Nossa Senhora de Fátima, Traditional: 花地瑪聖母堂, Simplified: 花地玛圣母堂

The Our Lady of Fatima Church is the biggest parish church in the country.

Constructed in 1929, the Catholic Diocese manages this church, and it has a long, colourful history.

Our Lady of Fatima Church, Weekday & Sunday Mass Times, Macau

There are two floors within the main building, which has a T-shaped layout. Its solemn interiors attract devotees at all hours of the day, and it has numerous elements worth admiring.

Other notable church features include a courtyard and a pool by the Madonna of Fatima statue. By the main building, there is a bell tower on the left, which also houses three bronze bells of varying sizes, which are rung when it’s time for mass.

The Our Lady of Fatima Church is near another popular Catholic place of worship, the St. Anthony’s Church. It was originally constructed made of only wood and bamboo before 1560, making it one of the country’s oldest churches. St. Anthony’s Church has a significant meaning as this was where the Jesuits situated their headquarters at the time. After it was built, several reconstructions were done, though its current appearance was built in 1930.

The vicinity of these beautiful places of worship also has some tourist attractions that may be of interest. One is the Lin Fung Temple, a Buddhist temple erected in the 16th century. Also known as the Temple of Lotus, this temple is dedicated to Kun Iam and has several praying rooms.

The Camoes Garden is also a few blocks away; this is an old park in Macau and spans an area of some 20,000 square meters. The Camoes Grotto is the park’s highlight, and its surrounding lush greens and flowers make it a tranquil place to visit.

What is the Our Lady of Fatima Church address?
Bairro Tamagnini Barbosa,
Rua de Lei Pou Ch'ôn, Macau, Macau

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