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Pau Kung Temple

English: Pau Kung Temple, Portuguese: Templo de Pao Kong, Traditional: 包公廟, Simplified: 包公庙

The Pau Kung Temple is a historic feature of a three-temple complex in Macau.

Constructed in 1889 under the Guangxu Reign, the rich history of this temple is still very much alive today.

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In 1888, an unfortunate case of the plague spread around the country. It was suggested that an image of Lord Pao, a well-loved figure in Chinese history, be installed to help combat the plague. Eventually, the disease cleared, and many believed it was Lord Pao’s doing. Because of this, a temple was constructed in honour of him, and his effigy was placed in a shrine.

Also known as the Temple of Sleeping Buddha, this place of worship is easy to find because of its vibrant yellow facade with bright red Chinese characters inscribed over it.

After visiting this temple, you can check out the others in the complex: the Temple of Divinity of Medicine and the Nanshan Temple. The Temple of Divinity of Medicine was built in 1893, also during the plague. Back then, since there weren’t many medical facilities to restore the health of the sick, people believed that having a temple where they could pray would bring about healing.

The Temple of Divinity of Medicine was built for this purpose and in honour of Buddha and other deities.

If you decide to go on a self-walking tour, you can also explore nearby landmarks, which include the statue of Dr. Sun Yat Sen, which is only 10 minutes away. The Fire Services Museum is also nearby.

Numerous other attractions can also be visited in the same afternoon, including the Lin Kai Temple, San Kio Garden, and the Ye Ting Residence.

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