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Penha Garden

English: Penha Garden, Portuguese: Jardim da Penha, Traditional: 西望洋花園, Simplified: 西望洋花园

Penha Garden (Jardim da Penha) is a small garden and park accessed on the trail leading to Penha Hill.

It’s more remote than other city parks in Macau, but it’s worth visiting or stopping by for a few moments of tranquillity.

Penha Garden, Exercise Equipment, Facilities, Toilets, Macau

The park has iconic pink walls, and it’s equipped with a small kids’ playground, some park benches, and some exercise equipment usually used by the community’s elderly. Beautiful trees surround it and is always quiet since it’s away from the touristy sites, though many still enjoy spending time here.

After a visit, head over to Penha Hill, also known as Bishop Hill. As the third tallest hill here, the sights you can take in are quite lovely.

Penha Garden is one of Macau’s many public parks in which families enjoy spending time. There are many choices for parks and gardens here, all of which are so relaxing and allow you to spend time in nature. Don’t forget to visit the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Municipal Park, one of the biggest parks in the country. It has numerous convenient amenities such as a walking and running trail and sports facilities, including a football field, tennis court, and kids’ playground. Additionally, recreational amenities include a performance area, barbecue and picnic zone, library, and swimming pool.

If you are travelling with kids, the Kun Iam Statue Waterfront Park is not to be missed. It’s located beside the world-class Macao Science Centre, so it’s a wonderful itinerary for a day of fun and learning. The park opened just in 2021 and has various exhibits inviting kids to play for hours.

Other popular parks include the Montanha Russa Park and the Dr. Carlos D’Assumpcao Park, among many others.

Don’t forget to include the Penha Garden in your Macau itinerary.

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