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Pou Tai Sin Un

English: Pou Tai Sin Un, Traditional: 菩提禪院, Simplified: 菩提禅院

The Pou Tai Un Temple is a stunning Buddhist temple and monastery in Taipa.

Aside from being a picturesque destination, it is also the largest temple you can find in Taipa or Coloane.

Pou Tai Sin Un, Temple, Buddhist Monastery, Hours, Taipa, Macau

The monastery pavilions are truly majestic, featuring Buddhist deities as well as a columbaria, monk’s quarters, a garden, wooden plates with offerings for the spirits, and a vegetarian restaurant. However, the main pavilion is truly the primary attraction here, impressive with its red columns, wall art, and a ceiling decorated with ornaments.

The hall is three floors large and has a 5.4-meter statue of Buddha made of bronze. The Pou Tai Un Temple also features a regal statue of Kun Iam with her 42 hands, which is found in the ground floor hall.

In the past, the complex was the property of the Lo family, and it was also the residence of the famous painter Lo Pou San, who came from Guangdong. His son sold the property after he passed, and eventually, it was purchased by Sik Chi Un, a master monk, who converted it into a monastery.

A visit to this temple would not be complete without sampling the delicious vegetarian food. Even if you aren’t vegetarian, you can appreciate the taste and presentation of these exquisite dishes.

After the temple, visitors can walk to Taipa Central Park, a lovely place to relax in the outdoors amongst lush greenery. There are many beautiful features to see while here. Walk the gardens on foot; if you have kids, they can spend time in the playground. The facilities in the park also include outdoor fitness equipment, a snack kiosk, a small library, a mini football pitch, and shaded areas where you can sit on the benches and have a snack.

The Pou Tai Un Temple and Taipa’s many attractions make this a gorgeous place to explore.

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