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Praia Grande Bay

English: Praia Grande Bay, Portuguese: Baía da Praia Grande, Traditional: 大灣, Simplified: 大湾

Praia Grande Bay is a body of water on the eastern side of the Macau Peninsula.

During the early years of Macau, this was the site of the primary promenade and the location for many important offices.

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Some of the past offices that were situated by the bay included consulates, commercial centres, administrative offices, and the governor’s palace, among others. Because of its prominence, the bay has become an iconic landmark.

The Governador Nobre de Carvalho Bridge was built over the Praia Grande Bay to connect Taipa with the Macau Peninsula. This beautiful bridge has become a picturesque mode of transportation linking the two destinations; it was also the first to be built in the country. It features two lanes and is also the only bridge that allows pedestrians to cross it, which is why it’s not uncommon to see runners and joggers use it regularly as part of their training routes. Only public transportation is permitted to cross the Governador Nobre de Carvalho Bridge, which is something to remember when planning your travels.

On either end of the bridge and on the bay, visitors can easily access many tourist attractions. On the Taipa side, some popular sites include the Taipa Central Park, Pou Tai Sin Un Temple and Monastery, Leisure Area on the Taipa Waterfront, Garden of Flower City, and many others.

Meanwhile, on the other side, you can access the Macau Tower and Convention Centre, Nam Van Lake, MGM Macau, Grand Lisboa, Teatro Dom Pedro V, and many five-star casino resorts.

With all these choices and more, visiting the bay’s nearby attractions is ideal for filling up a fun-filled day.

The Praia Grande Bay is your gateway to many of Macau’s tourist landmarks.

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