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Ramalho Eanes Garden

English: Ramalho Eanes Garden, Portuguese: Jardim Ramalho Eanes, Traditional: 恩尼斯花園, Simplified: 恩尼斯花园

The Ramalho Eanes Garden (Jardim Ramalho Eanes) is a beautiful garden in the heart of Coloane.

It’s 680 square meters large, featuring manicured gardens and flower beds.

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Known as the Little Garden to the local Chinese community, this garden is significant for the island’s residents. There are benches around the park where individuals can gather, rest, and play. There is a small fountain in the centre, and the design of the entire area reflects Sino-Portuguese aspects.

It is named after General Antonio Ramalho Eanes, the first president of Portugal, who was elected democratically after the revolution had ended in April 1974. He had a long and successful career in the military and was stationed in Macau for some time.

The Ramalho Eanes Garden also functions as a popular bus stop, making it a convenient destination for tourists exploring Coloane. This side of Macau has so much to offer, especially for tourists who want to immerse themselves in nature, culture, and heritage.

Coloane Village is a top destination here, and there’s no better way to explore it than by leisurely strolling its quaint streets to see where each alley can take you. There are colourful shops, old temples, and charming cafes to discover here.

The Chapel of St. Francis Xavier is an iconic sight in Coloane. It was built in 1928 in honour of the legendary missionary; inside the chapel are some interesting displays, including a painting of the goddess Kun Iam. Another excellent destination to visit in Coloane is the A-Ma Statue, which requires a short hike from Seac Pai Van Park.

Aside from these, popular attractions include the Museum of Nature and Agriculture, hiking up to the Alto de Coloane, and many other natural sights.

The Ramalho Eanes Garden and these other exciting adventures await you here.

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