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Rua Da Sao Paulo

English: St Paul Street, Portuguese: Rua Da São Paulo, Traditional: 大三巴街

Rua Da Sao Paulo is a charming, lively little alley known for its many authentic food stalls and shops.

It’s always bustling with activity, attracting tourists who want to stop for a quick bite or shop before heading to some famous landmarks nearby.

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There are many delicious bites and food that you can enjoy while visiting this alley. Keep an eye out for the iconic almond cookies, egg tarts, beef jerky, black pepper bun, and other desserts and snacks you can find here. The legendary Choi Heung Yuen and Koi Kei Bakeries have a branch here, so be sure to try their snacks. Whether you want to dine in or are looking for food products to take away, you won’t be short of choices.

Many Rua Da Sao Paulo visitors usually have a break here and then explore the Ruins of St. Paul’s and St. Dominic’s Church afterwards. The Ruins of St. Paul’s are a famous attraction here, featuring 17th-century relics of a Catholic religious church. It was originally constructed out of wood between 1602 and 1640, though it burned down during a fire in 1835. The granite facade left today has become one of Macau’s most visited and photographed locations.

Meanwhile, St. Dominic’s Church was built in 1587 and is a stunning baroque-style Catholic church that has been well-preserved through the centuries. There are many features to admire inside and out; many Catholics still attend the regular mass services here, but it’s also worth seeing even if you aren’t here to take mass.

Afterwards, visitors can check out Senado Square nearby and shop or people-watch with a coffee and snack in hand.

The Rua Da Sao Paulo and surrounding landmarks are a must-visit for history enthusiasts.

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