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Rua de Sao Domingos

English: Saint Domingos Road, Portuguese: Rua de São Domingos, Traditional: 板樟堂街

The Rua de Sao Domingos is one of Macau’s popular street areas in the historic district.

It’s home to many colonial-style buildings, quaint shops, and food stalls.

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Walking along the street will make you feel like you’re in old-world Europe with its cobblestone tiles. Many of the buildings here that are used to house commercial centres are decades old but have been very well maintained.

The shops sell various goods ranging from clothing and accessories to beauty, pharmacies, health shops, and more. It’s one of the best areas to go shopping in Macau if you want handmade and bargain goods.

Rua de Sao Domingos is close to many other heritage landmarks a few minutes away by foot. From here, you can visit St. Dominic’s Church and Senado Square, two of Macau’s most iconic attractions that are steeped in history.

For those who want to do more shopping, you can check out the Macau Ginza Plaza, which is also nearby. The Horta da Mitra Market is also an excellent place to visit; it’s renowned for the many local goods you can find, including flowers, plants, and food.

A little further away is the S. Francisco Garden, a tranquil garden destination with a rich history. Walk along the garden and the staircases; there are also several amenities to enjoy here, including a kids’ playground, benches under the shade of trees, and outdoor fitness equipment frequently used by elderly residents, especially in the late afternoon. This is the perfect place to unwind and relax after spending some hours exploring the sights at the historic centre.

The Rua de Sao Domingos and the many nearby sights have much to offer for sightseeing.

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