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Sai Van Lake Park

English: Sai Van Lake Park, Portuguese: Zona de Lazer do Lago Sai Van, Traditional: 西灣湖休憩區, Simplified: 西湾湖休憩区

The Sai Van Lake Park is one of the city’s most relaxing and quiet destinations.

Built by the man-made lake, this area is highly recommended for visitors who want to escape the busy historic centre or the casino district.

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Here, there is ample space to unwind and even enjoy leisurely strolls. The views here are amazing, especially at night, when you can see the skyline come alive with vibrant lights. The park has benches underneath the shade, so even on warm, sunny days, you can rely on this destination for peace and quiet.

Sai Van Lake Park is separated from the other man-made lake, Nam Van Lake, using Avenida Dr. Stanley Ho. During the mornings and afternoons, many joggers and runners make their loops around here. The pleasant solitude around these lakes makes them ideal for outdoor exercise or simply catching your breath after sightseeing. After all, there are many popular tourist landmarks in this area, which first-time visitors should not miss.

One of these is the Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre, the most prominent building in the country. Since its opening in 2001, it has welcomed many important global political figures and celebrities because it’s the premier venue for business and other international events. The tower features numerous attractions, from adventure and bungy jumping to world-class shopping and restaurants with panoramic city views.

Another historic landmark nearby is the Mandarin’s House, a heritage Chinese mansion that peeks into ancient Guangdong families and how they lived.

Other popular landmarks include the Chapel of Our Lady of Penha, A-Ma Temple, and the Macao Contemporary Art Centre.

Sai Van Lake Park and its surroundings are a must-visit for travellers.

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