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Sai Van Lake

English: Sai Van Lake, Portuguese: Lago Sai Van, Traditional: 西灣湖, Simplified: 西湾湖

Sai Van Lake is a beautiful, albeit artificial, lake in Macau.

Situated in a quiet area south of the Macau Peninsula, this is a wonderful place to go if you are looking for a relaxing destination to get away from the city.

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Stroll along Avenida Republica by the lake, with benches underneath the shade where you can have coffee and snacks with a gorgeous view.

At night, visitors can watch the Macau skyline light up with colour as the casinos and hotels prepare for sundown. During special occasions such as Chinese New Year or New Year’s Eve, this spot is wonderful for watching fireworks displays.

Aside from the views, Sai Van Lake is also a great place to check out some colonial buildings. There are many of them that you can see from here, though only a handful have been maintained well while the rest are in poor condition. Nonetheless, the colonial buildings are a peek into Macau’s history.

During the late afternoons or early mornings, it’s common to see locals exercising around the lake. It has become a popular destination for jogging or running and for elders who like to do their outdoor workouts.

There are some historical attractions near the lake as well. The A-Ma Temple is only a few minutes away; it was built in 1488, making it the oldest temple in the country. There are six wings within the temple complex, and the architecture of the entire area is nothing short of amazing.

In addition, Mandarin’s House is a stone’s throw away too. This large heritage Chinese home has incredible interiors, and its amazing architecture has been well preserved.

Whether you go day or night, Sai Van Lake is a beautiful place to spend some time.

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