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Sir Robert Ho Tung Library

English: Sir Robert Ho Tung Library, Portuguese: Biblioteca Sir Robert Ho Tung, Traditional: 何東圖書館, Simplified: 何东图书馆大楼

The Sir Robert Ho Tung Library is a renowned heritage destination and library in Macau.

Built before 1894, the property was originally owned by Carolina Antonia da Cunha, though it changed ownership several times before the famed Hong Kong magnate.

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After the death of Sir Robert Ho Tung in 1918, his family donated the property to the community as part of his will. In addition to the property, they also donated HKD $25,000 to the local government so that they could buy Chinese books and establish a public library. By 1958, the library formally opened its doors to the public with a collection of 3,000 books. Back then, it was the biggest public library in the country.

The Sir Robert Ho Tung Library has undergone renovation through the decades to preserve the building’s rich history while ensuring that the community’s library needs are always met. A new building was unveiled in 2006, and it can now accommodate 400 people, with a larger book collection of more than 100,000. It has become a significant resource of knowledge, becoming the preferred place for study, leisure, and cultural activities.

Other amenities available in the library include a multipurpose hall, multimedia room, study room, indoor and outdoor reading spaces, a building dedicated to rare collections, and many other functional zones. On the second floor of its old building, you can find a Chinese Ancient Books Chamber and explore some 5,000 rare Chinese books. Visitors can make use of the high-speed internet available.

Throughout the year, numerous learning events occur here, ranging from film appreciation to lectures and exhibits covering various topics.

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