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English: Spectacle, Traditional: 視博廣場, Simplified: 视博广场

Spectacle is an incredible, record-breaking attraction located in the MGM Cotai.

This breathtaking glass atrium showcases a digital art collection using the latest technology designed to immerse guests and stimulate all the senses.

Spectacle, MGM Cotai, Art, Roof, Indoor Garden, Shops, Macau

It boasts the world’s biggest permanent indoor LED screens, which display digital art from all over the world. These were made by various renowned artists, including National Geographic photographers Joel Sartore, Rob Kesseler, Wolfgang Stuppy, and Garth Williams.

A walk in the hotel atrium lets you see these images, which will surely move you. This is a fantastic destination for the whole family, as it will surely amaze all ages.

The imagery shown at the Spectacle includes a wide array of iconic landmarks around the world. The UNESCO World Heritage Sites in China and many others are featured as well.

Through the experience, MGM hopes to bring the best of the world’s art, nature, and culture to the guests right here. It’s a multi-sensory experience unlike any other, with more than 7 hours of footage. Aside from that, the atrium is also home to an indoor garden called Nature’s Art, which houses more than 2,000 kinds of plants that are endemic to Macau, mainland China, and other countries.

Nature’s Art was designed by luxury garden company Mingzhu Nerval, and today it’s one of the top attractions. It’s hard not to feel inspired when immersed in nature as beautiful as this; they have combined botany, design, and horticulture with art to create this amazing space. Plant and botany enthusiasts, in particular, will be thrilled to see such a collection of rare plants; some extinct plant species were even restored through the help of seed banks abroad to make this unique concept a reality.

These and more await you when you visit the Spectacle.

What is the Spectacle address?
MGM Cotai,
Avenida da Nave Desportiva, Cotai, Macau

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