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St Augustines Church

English: St Augustines Church, Portuguese: Igreja de Santo Agostinho, Traditional: 聖奧斯定教堂, Simplified: 圣奥斯定教堂

St. Augustine’s Church is an old Catholic church in Macau, built in 1586 by Italian Catholic priests.

A few years after it was built, the Portuguese took over it.

St Augustines Church, History, Weekday/Sunday Mass Times, Macau

There are many notable reasons why this is among the most famous churches in Macau. For one, this is where the country’s first English mass was held. By 2005, it was also included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. In addition, its thoughtful design elements make it a wonderful place to pray or even to simply visit. It was reconstructed in 1875, blending both Eastern and Western influences.

St. Augustine’s Church has a spacious interior with a marble altar and a statue of Jesus on the Cross. The church is divided into three main areas by columns supporting its high, arched roof.

Another reason why it’s so popular is because it has kept the tradition of organising the Easter Procession of Macau for many decades now. Thousands of Catholic devotees flock here every Easter to attend this special occasion, lasting two days annually.

Daily church tours are offered to the public each Saturday and Sunday in the afternoons.

Afterwards, you can visit another historic attraction nearby, the Dom Pedro V Theatre. It was established in 1860, functioning as China’s first Western theatre. The government eventually restored the theatre and listed it on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Today, visitors can still watch some important cultural celebrations here.

Another heritage attraction nearby is the Sir Robert Ho Tung Library, where visitors can see what it’s like inside a traditional Macanese mansion. Chinese influences can be seen in its interiors, while its garden landscapes are designed with Western influences.

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Mon - Sun: 10am - 6pm

Weekday Masses
Mon - Fri:
7:30pm: English

Anticipated Sunday Masses
7:30pm: Tagalog

Sunday Masses
9:30am: Tagalog
11am: English
6pm: English

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