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St Augustines Square

English: St Augustines Square, Portuguese: Largo de Santo Agostinho, Traditional: 崗頂前地, Simplified: 岗顶前地

St Augustine’s Square (Largo de Santo Agostinho) is a charming cobble-stoned public square located on top of a hill.

This is one of the most scenic Portuguese-style areas in Macau.

St Augustines Square, History, Landmarks, Cobblestones, Macau

The square has numerous historic and heritage attractions. One of these is the St. Augustine Church, which dates back to 1591 when it was founded by Spanish Augustinians. It hosts the yearly Easter procession and many other popular Catholic events throughout the year.

The church has a simple neoclassical facade with elaborate interiors, especially its service and chancel areas. Another popular attraction here is the Dom Pedro V Theatre, which was established in 1860 and was the first Western theatre in China during those days.

The Dom Pedro V Theatre is still a popular venue to this day. It hosts several excellent cultural shows throughout the year, including film screenings, performances, and other events. The theatre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it gives visitors a chance to experience cultural attractions in a stunning historic venue.

St Augustine’s Square is also where you will find the Sir Robert Ho Tung Library, which was originally the home of Dona Carolina Cunha and was built before 1894. By 1918, it was purchased by Sir Robert Ho Tung, a businessman from Hong Kong.

Ho Tung used the residence as a retreat in Macau when the Japanese took over Hong Kong after the Second World War. He indicated in his will that he wanted his home to be given to the Macau government to convert it into a library upon his passing. Today, it’s one of the most notable heritage destinations, with stunning Macanese features throughout the mansion.

Lastly, the St. Joseph’s Seminary and Church can also be found in the square. It was built in 1758 and has impressive, elaborate architecture.

St. Augustine’s Square is a beautiful destination that history lovers are recommended to visit.

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