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St Josephs Seminary and Church

English: St Josephs Seminary and Church, Portuguese: Igreja e Seminário de São José, Traditional: 聖若瑟修院及聖堂, Simplified: 圣若瑟修院及圣堂

St. Joseph’s Seminary and Church is one of Macau’s most fascinating ancient religious sites.

The seminary was established in 1728, around the same time as St. Paul’s College; both served as the headquarters for Jesuit missionary work in the East.

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The church is also interesting because it’s the only remaining example of baroque architecture in town, the other being the Ruins of St. Paul’s. It houses an important religious relic, a bone taken from the arm of St. Francis Xavier. By 2005, it was enlisted as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, so be sure to spend time getting to see this stunning church up close.

St. Joseph’s Seminary and Church has a 27-meter wide facade, which is 19 meters in the highest area. The church’s main entrance features a broken arch, a traditional feature of baroque architecture. The Jesuit insignia can be seen in the curved pediment.

Meanwhile, inside the church, there are three altars, all of which have been designed elaborately. On the other hand, the seminary is neo-classical in design, made primarily out of grey bricks and built on granite.

It’s no surprise why this is considered among the most beautiful churches in Macau.

Afterwards, you can visit St. Lawrence’s Church, built in the 16th century by Jesuits. From here, visitors are treated to amazing sea views. It is said that the families of Portuguese sailors would sit by the steps facing the church to await their return, which is also why it was given the nickname Hall of the Soothing Winds.

St. Lawrence Church is designed with neo-classical features and baroque influences.

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What are the St Josephs Seminary and Church opening hours?
Church: 10am - 5pm
Seminary: not open to the public

Tue & Sat
7:30pm: Cantonese

Anticipated Sunday Masses
7:30pm: Mandarin

Sunday Masses
9:30am: Cantonese
5:30pm: English

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