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1 Complexo Municipal Do Mercado De S Lourenco 008

St Lawerence Market

English: St Lawerence Market, Portuguese: Complexo Municipal do Mercado de São Lourenço, Traditional: 下環街市市政綜合大樓, Simplified: 下环街市市政综合大楼

The St Lawerence Market (Complexo Municipal do Mercado de S. Lourenço) is a popular food court and dining establishment within the Barra area of Macau.

Locals sell a fantastic array of fresh produce, vegetables and fruits right here.

St Lawerence Market, Food Court, Stalls, Floor Plan, Map, Macau

Head upstairs to dine in the food court but be sure to come with an appetite because of the sheer variety of food offered here. Fish in a pot, fried rice, noodles, and much more await you. Consider it an off-the-beaten-path dining experience because it may not be filled with tourists, but it’s certainly popular with the locals, and that’s always a good thing – especially when it comes to food! The prices are also reasonable, so it’s welcoming to budget travellers.

The St Lawerence Market is also close to other must-visit eateries, which are only a stone’s throw away. These include the Portuguese Bakery, where you can sample the iconic egg tarts.

After eating, you can explore Barra on foot; this district of Macau is rich in history as it’s one of the oldest areas in the country. There are many food and recreational options to discover, and it has a lovely, relaxed atmosphere. Come in comfortable walking shoes to check out the quaint alleys, and you might discover some unique gems.

The famous A-Ma Temple, built in the 15th century, is also found here. From the temple, visitors can get a glimpse of the Pearl River Delta and learn a little more about history. The Maritime Museum is another famous attraction here, and it’s a great place to learn about history with its interactive displays.

If you still have space for more food, try out any famous restaurants nearby: Casa do Porco Preto, A Lorcha, and Restaurante Litoral.

St Lawerence Market and its nearby attractions are worth a visit.

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At 10:00am - 10:00pm daily (opens on weekends and public holidays except Chinese New Year holidays)

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