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St Lazarus Church

English: St Lazarus Church, Portuguese: Igreja de São Lázaro, Traditional: 望德聖母堂, Simplified: 望德圣母堂

St. Lazarus’ Church is among the oldest churches in Macau, having been built between the years of 1557 through 1560.

Also known as the Hermitage of Our Lady of Hope, it was established to help the lepers of the time.

St Lazarus Church, History, Weekday & Sunday Mass Times, Macau

Additionally, the church served as the first Catholic settlement for Macau’s Chinese community. Because of this, it’s a must-visit, especially for those going on a pilgrimage tour of the important churches in town.

A Cross of Hope can be found by the chapel too. This church is highly recommended if you are looking for a place to attend mass while in Macau.

St. Lazarus’ Church is in an area with many other gems to explore. Albergue SCM is only a few minutes away; this unique artistic and creative hub attracts many culture and art enthusiasts of all ages. Historically, it served as a refuge for the poor, particularly during World War II, when elderly women used it as a sanctuary. Nowadays, the century-old colonial buildings house art galleries and other interesting cultural centres.

The area has several shops that sell handmade goods; some come all the way from Portugal. Bring your appetite to try authentic Portuguese delicacies at Mercearia Portuguesa; they are famous for their cod fish and sardines. They also sell dry goods, including beauty products and soaps.

Tap Seac Square is just five minutes away, and it’s worth visiting as well. This large public square has numerous coffee shops, boutiques, and restaurants. During the early mornings or evenings, one can see elderly residents practising their outdoor exercises and Tai Chi. It’s a great space for people-watching and relaxing after hours of sightseeing.

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Weekday Masses
Mon - Fri:
7:30am: Cantonese
6:15pm: Cantonese

Anticipated Sunday Masses
7pm: Cantonese

Sunday Masses
7:30am: Cantonese
9:30am: Cantonese
11am: English
6pm: Portuguese

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