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Taipa Grande Trail

English: Taipa Grande Trail, Portuguese: Trilho da Taipa Grande, Traditional: 大潭山步行徑

The Taipa Grande Trail (Trilho da Taipa Grande) is a scenic loop around 4,000 meters long within the Taipa Grande Natural Park.

This is one of the best places for hikers and fitness enthusiasts for jogs or runs with stunning views.

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The broad trails are also suitable for walkers, and it has become a popular tourist destination, especially for those seeking a different attraction compared to the casinos and city scenes.

The Stairway to the Peak, also known as the Fitness Steps Walk, is a major highlight here; it features a steep climb to the summit, some 159 meters above sea level, the highest point in Taipa.

Another highlight of the Taipa Grande Trail is the Camellia Garden, a large arboretum home to several species of camellia flowers. Other camellia trees around the garden add to its beauty, making it a tranquil space to relax and bask in nature. There are three bridges around the garden, while aquatic plants can be found in various places around it. The best time to visit the Camellia Garden is from December through February, as it’s perfect to see the flowers in bloom and smell their aroma.

From here, visiting the Taipa Grande Natural Park Grass Slide is highly recommended, especially if you are travelling with young children. The grass sliding is a unique experience that’s free of charge, where kids aged five and above can feel the thrill of sliding down grass in a scenic environment.

Another wonderful destination nearby is Flower City Garden, a tranquil Chinese-style garden in the heart of the high-rise buildings and commercial centre. It features a playground, scooter, and skating area that all ages will appreciate.

These are just some exciting attractions that await you around the Taipa Grande Trail.

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