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Taipa Grande Viewing Platform

English: Taipa Grande Viewing Platform, Portuguese: Miradouro da Colina da Taipa Grande, Traditional: 氹仔小潭山觀景台, Simplified: 氹仔小潭山观景台

The Taipa Grande Viewing Platform (Miradouro da Colina da Taipa Grande) is a tourist attraction that offers a fun way of getting around.

It features an inclined lift constructed on the slope of a small mountain, from where you can get the best views of Taipa Village and the Cotai Strip.

Taipa Grande Viewing Platform, Location, Square, Gardens, Lift, Macau

The lifts were designed to be part of the Taipa Grande Trail, a walking path that takes you from the Jardim do Lago to the Taipa Houses Museum. It opened in 2014 and is completely free to use, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t try this excellent transportation that provides fantastic views.

The viewing platform at the top is open all hours of the day, and it isn’t uncommon for visitors to come here at night to take in the romantic views of the skyline.

Even if you’ve visited the Taipa Grande Viewing Platform before, rest assured that the views may change again once you return. That’s because the surrounding areas continue to be developed.

Be sure to visit when the weather is good to maximise your time here. Other attractions are around the area, such as a landscaped garden and open space where kids can play.

If staying active while travelling is a priority, you can easily access the Taipa Grande Trail from here. It features a 4-kilometre loop that will take you back to this spot, ideal for walkers, runners, or joggers keen on taking in the sights while burning some calories.

Since its development, the viewing platform and lift have been famous destinations for visitors in the area to see Taipa Village and other sights.

Be sure to spend some time at the Taipa Grande Viewing Platform during your next visit to Macau.

What is the Taipa Grande Viewing Platform address?
Miradouro da Colina da Taipa Grande,
Estrafa Padre Estevao Eusebio Situ, Taipa, Macau

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