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Taipa Houses Museum

English: Taipa Houses Museum, Portuguese: Casas-Museu da Taipa, Traditional: 龍環葡韻住宅式博物館, Simplified: 龙环葡韵住宅式博物馆

The Taipa Houses Museum is among Macau’s top 10 tourist attractions.

It’s an excellent representation of colonial Portuguese architecture, comprised of five homes built in 1921.

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Each has been well preserved through the decades to showcase the best Portuguese design. When they were originally built, they served as the homes for senior civil servants and some local families. By 1992, the government acknowledged their architectural significance and eventually converted the houses into a public museum upon reopening in 1999. By 2016, the Macanese government converted them into separate exhibit and museum spaces.

Today, the Taipa Houses Museum comprises the Macanese Living Museum, the Exhibits Gallery, the Creative Casa, the Nostalgic House, and the House for Receptions.

In the Macanese Living Museum, visitors can look at displays showcasing the history of Macau and observe influences from other ethnic groups who lived here at the time. These included Filipinos and Malays, Indians, and Chinese since the Portuguese married many of them, resulting in an array of international influences.

The Exhibitions Gallery regularly holds fascinating art and culture displays. The venue is also used occasionally for cultural tourism and diplomatic events.

Meanwhile, the Creative Casa has been leased out by the Cultural Affairs Bureau to businesses in the creative industry. More recently, the house’s ground floor has been transformed into a bookstore, while the first floor is where you can find artworks made by local and international artists.

The Nostalgic House is another wonderful space where exhibits on the Macanese native life, cuisine, architecture, and more are showcased.

Last but not least, the House for Receptions is used as a private venue for official banquets and events.

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Tue - Sun: 10am - 7pm (Last admission until 6:30 pm)

Closed on Mondays

Public Guided Tours:Every Saturdays 3pm - 5pm
The Museum offers guided tour services for groups by appointment

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