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Taipa Village

English: Taipa Village, Portuguese: Vila da Taipa, Traditional: 氹仔舊城區, Simplified: 氹仔牌坊

Taipa Village is highly recommended for visitors to Macau who are keen to see some of the local life.

This is the oldest part of Taipa Island, once home to the local fishermen.

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This quaint destination features cobblestone streets and a mix of Chinese and Portuguese architecture. It feels like travelling back in time, a significant contrast to Cotai’s bright lights and modern buildings.

Over the last few years, many new developments have been here to cater to tourists, including adding more shops and restaurants that will tickle any palate. Some of the most famous Portuguese restaurants in town can be found here.

Taipa Village is pedestrian-friendly, so you can make the most out of the sights by exploring on foot. You can easily access many stalls and shops here selling food and other locally-made wares, including souvenirs. However, bicycles are available for hire at the Si Toi shop if you enjoy cycling. Cycling has also become another popular way to discover the side streets and alleys here easily.

You will also find some notable heritage sites, including the Taipa Houses Museum. As one of Macau’s top tourist attractions, the museum’s five unique Portuguese houses are home to various interesting displays. They have also been recognised for their architectural value, and many tourist facilities surround them.

Pak Tai Temple is also highly recommended here; it’s an old temple built to honour the Northern Emperor, Pak Tai. The worship pavilion is usually filled with offerings from locals, though the temple does come alive during cultural festivities, especially the Feast of Pak Tai.

Taipa Village is a gorgeous historic destination that all ages will appreciate.

What is the Taipa Village address?
Taipa Village,
Rua do Cunha, Macau
, Taipa, Macau

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