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The Houses Of Parliament Façade

The Houses of Parliament Facade

English: The Houses of Parliament Facade, Traditional: 澳門倫敦人外牆, Simplified: 澳门伦敦人外墙

The Houses of Parliament facade is a massive replica of the United Kingdom’s Houses of Parliament.

As one of the authentic British-themed attractions at The Londoner in Macau, the massive structure makes you feel like you’re in England.

The Houses of Parliament Facade, Light & Sound Show, Londoner Macao

Be sure to take photos with the building right behind you, and you might even be able to fool your family and friends with the amazing likeness of the structures. Aside from that, there is also a 96-meter Elizabeth Tower, also known as the Big Ben, created with a stunningly precise replica of the world-famous clock face, including the well-known bell chimes.

A major highlight of the resort is the Crystal Palace, a breathtaking palatial atrium filled with light. Its design was inspired by the Palace Hotel and Claridge’s of London, showcasing the best of Victorian design.

After checking out The Houses of Parliament Facade, stop by London Calling, aptly named for the iconic red telephone box. Meanwhile, Black Cab Escape invites you for a fun adventure with a hologram of David Beckham as you drive around the streets of London, and he shows you around some of his favourite places. How about going on a Walk with the Stars, where you can follow the footsteps of world-famous music stars with a realistic London streetscape as the backdrop?

Other exciting attractions include the Double Decker Adventures and The Londoner Carriage.

For travellers seeking a unique accommodation experience, you can’t go wrong with the plush rooms at the hotel. David Beckham, an ambassador of the resort, designed these suites with a top interior design firm in London. Other amenities in this elegant hotel include large swimming pools, spas, and fitness centres.

The Houses of Parliament facade is just one of the delightful experiences that all ages will appreciate at The Londoner.

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