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Tin Hau Temple, Coloane

English: Ancient Temple of Tin Hau in Coloane, Portuguese: Templo de Tin Hau de Coloane, Traditional: 路環天后古廟, Simplified: 路环天后古庙

The Tin Hau Temple in Coloane is an ancient temple constructed sometime in 1763.

It’s the largest and oldest temple in Coloane, located behind the village, though it requires climbing a flight of steps to access.

Tin Hau Temple, Coloane, History, Pavilion, Antique Bell, Macau

Upon arrival in Coloane, visitors can enter through the entrance hall and then explore the main hall and pavilion. In the past, this area served as an important venue for discussing social affairs with the public. Some antique decorations, including a wine boat and antique bell, have been well preserved through the decades.

In addition, you can see a couplet with the words, “Virtue nurtures the nation” within the pavilion of the Tin Hau Temple. Tin Hau is one of the most popular deities in Macau, especially among the fishermen, who believe that she protects them and blesses them with a bountiful harvest during their trips at sea.

It only takes around 20 minutes to explore the temple but feel free to stay longer if you wish to meditate and soak up the tranquil, zen atmosphere.

You can stop by the Parque Infantil de Coloane after the temple for visitors travelling with children. This small, lovely park has just the right amenities for children to play as the parents relax underneath the shade. The amenities include a playground for the little ones.

If you are keen on seeing more temples, the Tam Kung Temple is nearby; this place of worship was built in 1862, and it’s best known for housing a long whale bone that has been carved into the shape of a dragon boat, located within the temple’s primary altar.

These attractions await you when you visit the Tin Hau Temple.

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